Post-Industrial Hair
              Diane Jeep Ries

 Hip, Hot Hair for all Genders and Generations

"When we have an appointment, Jeep manages time efficiently. I like that since my schedule always has me moving between gigs and sessions. Jeep's talent is not only in her vision but in the implementation of that vision. Between the cut and the color, this chick makes my hair sing."

Will Lee, bass player
for the David Letterman Show

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"When I arrive at Jeep's salon, I'm a schleppy lady; I leave an elegant New York woman with a purpose in life. She's a genius with the line and with color, and my hair is easy as pie to take care of. Every session is interesting and uplifting, too--what a treat.

Jane Isay, author of Walking on Eggshells and Mom Still Likes You Best

"I don't go to Jeep just for the trim, which is always perfection. I go for the company, the chat and the vibes. As a stylist and a person, she's the best, pure gold, and I've felt that way for years."

Holland Cotter, New York Times 
Pulitzer Prize winner

"As an international performer my hair has to look good at all times. Jeep's abilities and ideas give me that option.

By the time I came to Jeep, I had lost all hope of having long hair. My over-bleached, broken short hair was unhealthy. Jeep assured me that she could not only fix the color, but with the correct behavior and approach to my hair, it could be healthy and long.
She was right!

I did everything she said and gave her my hair and trust. Jeep has worked wonders in crafting an image for me that is sophisticated and hip."

Leni Stern - Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

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"What I love about Jeep is that she's brings real confidence and vision to her cuts. She's got the courage to say no, not that one, and the sass to say, yes, go for it! She's sensitive, professional and efficient, and I trust her completely."

Rachel Simmons, best-selling author of Odd Girl Out and The Curse of the Good Girl