Post-Industrial Hair
              Diane Jeep Ries

   Hip, Hot Hair for all Genders and Generations
"With the stroke of the comb, snip of the shear, and flick of the wrist, I will advance your hairstyle from vague to vogue."     D.J.Ries
About Us

Diane Jeep Ries is known as the "Mother of Punk Hair" having radicalized hair throughout the seventies. Since 1980, Jeep created and presided over Industrial Hair, in the East Village. The Japanese went wild and featured her work in both fashion and trade magazine including PUNCH and AN AN.

Now Post Industrial Hair, the vanguard for the millennium, Jeep, continues to offer hip, hot, high quality styling services.

Always fresh and willing to change, Jeep's experience and expertise keeps your hair current.

Here's a sampling of Jeep's media coverage:
CBS-TV, featuring Jeep's Convertible Cuts
 New York Magazine
 It Grows On You by Roy Blount Jr.

Jeep and her work have appeared on stage, television and indie films including:
Lincoln Center
 The Downtown Guggenheim
 The DIA Art Foundation

 She Must be Seeing Things
The Big Blue
Girls Can't Help It
The Phil Donahue Show

For over a decade, Jeep produced and was the talent in hair fashion shows, workshops and seminars for stylists from New York to LA to Taiwan, as an International Guest Artist for a major manufacturer.